Box of Rain is a Fierce and Accurate Tribute to 1968 to ’74 Era Grateful Dead

Complete with Pigpen Vocals, Extended Improv, Feedback, and Love!

Box of Rain is the classic six piece that pays tribute to the finest and most prolific period of the Grateful Dead, ’68-’74.

Based in Philadelphia, PA.

An all star lineup with former members of Dark Star Orchestra, Living Earth, Zen Tricksters, Dead On Live, and current members of Boris Garcia, Box of Rain channels the sound and magic that could have only happened at that special time.

Box of Rain is a true labor of love featuring:

Bob Stirner ( Living Earth / Boris Garcia ) on Lead Guitar   

Dave Berg ( DSO, Dead On Live ) on Guitar

Craig Privett ( Half Step ) on Bass

Bud Burroughs ( Boris Garcia ) on Keys

Tim Kelly ( Boris Garcia, Montana Wildaxe ) on Drums

Jon Bernstein on Harmonica

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January 18th, 2019 – The Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore PA